About Sparta Success

Sparta Success Systems was founded by Kelle Sparta, a real estate sales and personal development trainer. Kelle spent over six years in the real estate industry in Connecticut learning the ins and outs of the business. During this time, she was in the top 10% of the agents in her area, earned her GRI, served as a member of the board of directors for her local real estate board, served as state representative for that board to the state board, and became the first ABR in Southeastern, CT. Kelle trained state wide for an independent training company and was the Director of Recruitment and Training for two different companies, one in Connecticut and one in Massachusetts. Kelle's complete history can be found here.

During her tenure in the industry, Kelle found that the average agent has several problems.

  1. Where to find business
  2. What to do with it when you have it
  3. How to get people to refer more business to you
  4. How to have a prosperous business and still have a fulfilling life

Kelle set out to answer those questions. In doing so, she focused on creating systems that were easy, intuitive, modular, and could be passed on to assistants quickly, and with little training. Her goal was to help agents create a business and a life they could love.

Kelle spent several years training new agents in the business and therefore has a soft spot in her heart for those who are new to the field. As a result, she has designed a number of programs that are specific to the needs of the new agent in the industry.

Kelle works actively to develop new programs for agents. She is currently in process on several training videos and is working in concert with other agents to bring their knowledge into the marketplace as well.

For more information on upcoming products or to make a suggestion, contact us.

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